~Dream Sky~: November 2007

~Dream Sky~

Friday, November 02, 2007

THIRD PRIZE in Bowling Competition

Go Go Go....let's strike it!!

It's time to get prize from my boss,yeah!

My GREAT bowling team members!Let's ~SMILE~ for THIRD PRIZE!!

BIG big family~

One more....

"Bowling" ...this name is quite unfamiliar to me for long time ago.I start playing that during my secondary school with my friends.But after graduate, the playing chance become less and less.

Few days ago, my company organised a bowling competition in Time Square.To me, it's quite a interested stuff, i really enjoy it.We devided into 10 groups, and each groups have 3 members.
Finally , my group get the THIRD PRIZE leh!I'm so excited when hear that announcement!It's my 1st time to get prize in exercise field!That's only two words which can really describe my feeling , it's call "SURPRISE" and "EXCITED"! haha....I will keep this memory well^^